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Starting the online documentation project

As it stands, the Read Me file has a lot of information about how to use Jer’s Novel Writer, but there are other features hidden away. Plus, a Read Me is not really a good format to allow people to look things up quickly. Obviously, what’s needed is a reference manual.

I’ll be working on that, adding pages to this site under Jer’s Novel Writer:Documentation. At first, I’ll just move the Read Me into that spot, as it’s better than nothing while I plan out the structure of the actual documentation.

Feel free to leave comments either here on on the documentation pages themselves, asking for clarification or suggesting what needs to be written up first. Also: if you want to contribute to the Jer’s Novel Writer community, here’s your chance! I’d love to have users out there help write up the documentation from their own perspective livraison viagra.

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A Little Behind on Haggles

I’ve gotten some great haggles in my email in the last few days, things people obviously put a lot of thought into. I want to give these haggles the attention they deserve, but the last few days have been crazy. I might catch up tonight, but if you have a haggle in my inbox, do not worry; I haven’t forgotten you.
Thanks to James Sawyer!!

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Jer’s Novel Writer 1.1.12 Released

If you’re one of the folks who still use G3-based macs, then this update is for you. There are a couple of minor bug fixes as well, but the main feature of this release is that it will once more run properly on very old hardware.

As always, you can find the download on the download page and the full release notes on… yeah, you guessed it, the release notes page vente pharmacie viagra.

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Jer’s Flash Card Viewer an Editor’s Pick at Brothersoft

While most of the focus around here is on Jer’s Novel Writer, there is another handy bit of software available. Jer’s Flash Card Viewer is a neat little app that really does help you improve vocabulary, automatically focussing on the words and phrases that are causing Celebrates you trouble.

The folks at Brothersoft.com recently stumbled across it, and they Carmichael liked it!

<img src='http://img pro generic indian viagra.brothersoft.com/v1/mac_awards.gif.gif’border=”0″/></span?

Thanks, guys!

You can learn more about Flash Card Viewer here.

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Mac360 Celebrates JersNW Return

Well, 第31集 they cheap nba jerseys didn’t Returns exactly throw a cheap nba jerseys party, but yet… they Slider did write du a nice little review wholesale jerseys of Jer’s Novel Writer le viagra avis. You can wholesale nfl jerseys find Burdeos it Chiropractors here:


Thanks, Released guys!

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Jer’s Novel Writer 1.1.11 Released

Wow! Look at all those 1’s!

This is really a pretty minor upgrade Scanning over version 1.1.8, the version that has been out there for well over a year. I added a feature that allows you to change the direction of a curly quote more easily. Let’s say for instance you use the word ’tis. a The default smart-quote behavior wholesale nfl jerseys is to make the quote curl to the right, like an open quote. Only trouble is, in ’tis it should be an apostrophe.

In the past you could select the open-quote and type the character again, and it would cycle yet… through open-close-apostrophe. Now, you can just type the quote key again to cycle through the variants.

This is handy with hyphens and dashes as well; I have memorized the key combinations wholesale mlb jerseys for cheap jerseys n- and m-dashes, but it’s easier to simply hit the hyphen key multiple times to get <a href="http://www vente pfizer viagra.tennesseetitansjerseyspop.com”>cheap jerseys the dash of desired magnitude.

Both character-cycling options (quotes and dashes) are found on the ‘General’ tab of the Preferences Life! pane.

A bit of a bummer: those with G3-based Коротко machines (and cheap mlb jerseys it’s pretty dang cool that you’re still out there) will have to wait for the next release. G4-based machines will work just fine.

The download and release note pages are available from the “Jer’s Novel Writer” menu under the banner photo.


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Jer’s Software Hut Returns to Life!

Deep below wholesale MLB jerseys the Earth’s surface, in a steaming chamber somewhere (15 between the Hayward and San Andreas Ottawa faults, there is motion in the dancing Miami Dolphins Jerseys shadows cast by the guttering torchlight. Dark, twisted creatures stir. They Spring move slowly, their once-lean haunches soft from months of torpor acheter 4 gratuit viagra. cheap jerseys They shamble from their stony sleeping-nooks into the work chamber, and one by one they take their accustomed positions on the capstans. The cheap MLB jerseys great wheels resist at first, then start to turn with a shriek that slowly fades to a rumble.

From the throats of the horde comes a deep ululation punctuated by coarse barks, a sound that reverberates through the chamber until it has no Your source, merely presence. It is enough to weaken the knees of even the stoutest Difusión hero, a sound to chill the most stalwart heart.

The creatures are singing.

Though fearsome in sound, it is joy they express; the sublime joy of one yet… who had no purpose being useful again. Far above them, in a peaceful neighborhood San Jose, those turning capstans once more power the forges and shrieking spark-throwing wheels of Jer’s Software Hut.

On the slab in the middle of the laboratory a figure stirs; what once was dead now breathes again.

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Hacked By Shade

Hacked By Shade

Hacked By Shade


GreetZ : Prosox & Sxtz

Hacked By Shade <3

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