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NOTE: I have a square job now, and it makes it impossible for me to give Jer’s Novel Writer the love and attention paying customers deserve. So, alas, I am unable to accept payment at this time. Please be assured that the only thing they key does is disable the nag window. Everything else is fully functional.

That said, if you do want to say thank you, please consider supporting my most recent literary experiment on Patreon:

2 Responses to Purchase Key

  1. ton roomer says:

    Hi Jer,

    I found this mail without serial in my archive, Jer.

    I have been on a boat for a couple of weeks and will be returning home tomorrow to take care of serial numbers. Sorry for the delay – it seems my automatic notification failed. Thank you for your patience.

    Jerry Seeger
    Jer’s Software Hut

    Please send me a new key.

    You are welcome,

    • Jerry says:

      D’oh! The key will do a lot more good in your hands than mine. New email sent with the key actually attached this time.

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