About the Hut

Jer’s Software Hut is a tiny little company devoted to creating quality software.

The founder of the company, Jerry Seeger, has been in the software biz for a good long time, spending six years creating educational software as an engineer at Compass Learning, then nine years as Vice President of Software Engineering at BinaryLabs, Inc.

For several years Jerry has been pursuing writing as a hobby, and along the way he experimented with several different word processors on different platforms. While there were some that were better than others, in the end there just wasn’t a package with the features he thought would help him write better. He sent himself off to the Big Nerd Ranch to learn the Cocoa Framework and set to work on Jer’s Novel Writer.

Along the way Jerry succumbed to the passion of writing and left BinaryLabs.

Jerry has extensive skills in software design and development, across many platforms in many languages. If you have some programming work you need to have done and you have no qualms about exploiting a starving writer, please feel free to contact the hut.