Release Notes

Release Notes for Jer’s Novel Writer

Version: 1.1.12

Date: October 7, 2010


Double-click the .dmg file. A new disk drive with the application inside it will appear on your desktop. Although you can run it right there, I strongly recommend that you drag it to your applications folder.

Double-click the Jer’s Novel Writer icon to launch it. The read me file should open the first time you run the application.

Recent Changes:

1.2 In Development

  • Currently considering version 1.2 feature list. Make your requests in the forums! Version 1.2 will be the last feature release before I open up the code to make the structural changes necessary for version 2.0.
  • Hitting Return key at end of chapter title moves cursor to beginning of first text block
  • Bugs I’m working on:
    • Unnecessary custom styles defined in XHTML export.
    • First line of text block not showing when printing to PDF when block is at top of page – can’t reproduce so far.
    • Crash one time when pasting from character palette – cannot reproduce. Intermittent bugs are hard to definitively close, but a fix for another bug may have fixed this as well. Will continue to monitor the situation.


  • Added Strikethrough menu item
  • Removed depricated function from MergedCellOutlineView
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Sometimes opening apps like would cause Jer’s Novel Writer to crash. The system font manager is sending an update to JersNW that is a) not relevant and b) troublesome. I never got the problem to happen in Laboratory conditions, but I put in code to make JersNW ignore the messages.
    • Jer’s Novel Writer should run on G3 processors again


  • Bugs fixed:
    • The refactoring in 1.1.10 had the side effect of causing trouble when typing a key after a single character is selected. The character would be deleted rather than replaced with the typed character.


  • Bugs fixed:
    • Key cycling code interfered with cmd-I for italics and similar shortcuts. Not quite sure how, but the refactoring made the code better anyway.


  • Repeated typing hyphen and quotes cycles characters. Option is in the ‘General’ tab in preferences.
  • Preference pane resizes like in grown-up applications.


  • Key authentication (hopefully) more resistant to stupid email system muckups (a technical term)
  • Modified the “could not update the file” message to be less confusing.
  • Added more information in new release notification.
  • bugs fixed:
    • fixed bug updating format 609 files (thanks, Bill!)
    • Turned off Danger! warning

Older history:

You can find the release notes for versions stretching way back here.

The most ancient of all history (interesting to no one) is here – (and maybe someday I’ll get around to fixing that link).